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June 02, 2006
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June 02, 2006 - 01:40:16
It took me a few seconds... that med student thing :) 5

June 02, 2006 - 01:57:25

June 06, 2006 - 15:57:00
Sometimes the comments attract web searchers. Just today, I see hits to this site from people searching for "tarnado" and "girl who plays Cinderella." I wonder if anyone out there will get to this page by searching for hip replacement now. There were other ways to do this joke. You could have an old guy at the office and the boss is introducing him to the new guy in shades who is taking his job: "This is your hip replacement." Or you could go the other way, and do something with "unhip replacement." But I guess the way I did it distills it down to the simplest elements. I think it's more effective when the joke is simpler. 

June 06, 2006 - 18:40:52
This is just a test comment to make sure my spam security measures haven't broken the site. 

June 06, 2006 - 22:25:45
True, the actual core of what provokes the mind to interpret humor is when it perceives what it does not expect. Thus, the simple element, without too much leading information, does this very well. 5

February 11, 2007 - 18:21:07

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